Wildlife and Scenery

Landscapes, scenery and wildlife are pleasures experienced during a day's fly fishing that can be just as memorable as any fish caught. We've seen some wonderful sights through the years on Loch Eye, though we've rarely captured them as photos, and when we have the quality has mainly been disappointing.

You are almost guaranteed to see ospreys fishing along the shores and over open water, while red kites hunt over the surrounding farmland. Otters are regularly sighted, but alas are unpredictable, roe deer can often be seen on the shoreline, and there is an abundance of wildfowl and other waterside birds.

We've also never been quite sure what to do with these photos; where to put them on a fishing website. So this is our attempt to bring a few of these images together, using Pinterest to give those with an interest a feel of what else you might experience out on the water, other than 'just' the boil to the fly and the tightening of the line.


rape field, loch eye sunset, loch eye osprey, loch eye


More Photos from Loch Eye

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