Loch Eye Fishing Regulations

Loch Eye Angling Association/TroutQuest* Regulations

1.  General
No Sunday fishing
No boats available for hire on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
No bank fishing
No petrol outboard engines are allowed, electric motors are permitted.
A catch return must be made to TroutQuest within 48 hours of the expiry date of your permit.

2.  Method
Fishing by fly only.
Maximum 2 rods per boat.
No trolling.

3.  Catch Limits
All fish under 12in (30 cm) in length must be returned carefully to the loch.
Bag limit – 2 keepable fish per boat.*

4.  TroutQuest Brown Trout Conservation Policy*
Loch Eye is an exceptional wild brown trout fishery. As it has become more widely known, fishing pressure has increased in recent years. To preserve the outstanding quality of the fish population in this loch TroutQuest’s conservation policy forms an integral part of our regulations.

On all the lochs that TroutQuest offers boats for lease, our aim is to ensure that our fishing practices, in particular our retained catches, are sustainable, and that the stock of older and larger trout is protected and developed. So, in addition to the regulations governing the bag limit and minimum size of any trout kept, we require that all fish over 17 in (43 cm) in length (about 2 lbs) are also returned.

We also appreciate however the tradition within our sport, and the enjoyment, of eating some of the trout that we’ve caught. We would never wish to change that, just encourage you to ‘limit your kill, not kill your limit”.

There is an exceptional head of fish in the loch from 12 to 16 inches in length. If you want to keep a fish or two to eat, these are an ideal cooking/eating size.

5. Other
Dogs should be kept under control at all times. Open fires are not permitted. Please do not leave any litter in the boats, in the loch or on the bank (including food and cigarette butts), and do not use any other jetties or boat moorings.

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