Loch Eye Catch Return

Your TroutQuest permit will include an area to complete and return with details of your catches. To improve our knowledge of brown trout stocks in Loch Eye and help make more informed decisions on management practices and regulations we have introduced a new form of catch return.

We are asking all anglers to classify their catch if possible, based on estimation of each trout’s length, measured from the fork of the tail to the tip of its nose. To assist you, there are 24" stainless steel rulers fixed to the middle seats on both of our boats, but there is no need to be exact, and if you would rather return the fish immediately please just keep count of the total number of fish caught and those returned.

Loch Eye regulations include the return of all trout under 12in (30cm) in length, and as per TroutQuest's Brown Trout Conservation Policy, we require that all trout over 17in (43cm) are also returned. An extract from our permit/catch return is shown below:


loch eye catch return

For your convenience, you can also submit your catch return electronically. Just download this catch return form in Word format, complete and return to us by e-mail as per the instructions included:

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