A Day Out with 'Cap'n Fishy'

In 2011, John Wastle and Colin Riach (Cap'n Fishy) took our boat out on Loch Eye. Many thanks to Colin for this account of their day and permission to use some of his unbelievable photos...!

"Our day on Loch Eye in July 2011 was a first for John and I.  As we came off, we were not sure that we had made the best of it – but that is so often the case with new waters – there is so much that is unknown.  It didn't help that we started by going right, to the east end, where we used up all the good early conditions we had, while only boating a couple of fish.

It was midway through the day that we ventured up to the west end where, it turned out, the fish were hiding from us!

By this time the nice cloud cover had dissipated to give brassy sunshine, and the gentle westerly had died completely, allowing a cool sea breeze to come in from the east.  Although the change in conditions only served to put the fish down, it possibly helped us focus our efforts.  We went downstairs and found fish feeding on sticklebacks, catching to a variety of mini-lures as well as good old trads such as Kate McLaren.  We finished with 3 cracking trout over 2 lb in a total of 10 for the boat, with quite a few missed chances for good measure.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our day and vowed to be back." - Colin Riach
loch eye brown trout, john wastle
John Wastle

p.s. Colin & John returned with their fishing buddies in 2012, and had another fantastic day - see the slideshow on the main Loch Eye page!

loch eye brown trout loch eye brown trout, head

loch eye brown trout

loch eye brown trout loch eye brown trout

All photos on this page copyright © Colin Riach 2011


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